Heritage Highlights

Modernist yet distinctively Australian

Russell Jack House, interior. Photo: Tim Linkins
Photo: Tim Linkins

Russell Jack House was inspired by Japanese architecture and the organic work of Frank Lloyd Wright. It was designed by Russell Callam Jack and John Allen in association with Pamela Jack. The house won the Sulman Award for domestic architecture in 1957.

More than the work of an architect

Photo: Matt Stone

The former Reader’s Digest Building in Surry Hills is associated with three prominent and  respected professionals. These were architect and scholar John James; designer and sculptor Douglas Annand; and landscape architect Bruce Mackenzie. The highly accomplished result combines architecture, sculpture and landscaping.

The Law Courts: a very Sydney story

Photo: David Moore

Architect Graham Swann believes the authenticity of the Law Courts building has been severely compromised.
His fervent hope is that if it survives another 50 years, then the architects’ original design will finally be appreciated.

The Paragon: modern and sumptuous

Photo: © Effy Alexakis.

Since the 1930s, the Paragon has been a special place – and meant much to many generations.
The restaurant’s contribution to the rich heritage of the Blue Mountains and the state was at last recognised when it was included in the Heritage Council of NSW’s State Heritage Register. Although sadly, it was closed indefinitely in 2018.

Textile printing in the 1930s​

Design by H J Bull c.1932.

By the early 1930s, there was a trend away from the  profuse ornamentation and stylistic excesses of Art Deco.
Influenced by the Bauhaus, interior decorators were increasingly turning to textural effects, rather than surface decoration, in their choice of furnishing fabrics.

Temora Time Warp

Photo: Matt Stone.

The town of Temora, a few hours’ drive west of Sydney, is a mecca for aviation enthusiasts.
Cricket tragics too – the town is home to the original two-room cottage where Sir Donald Bradman was born. And the 1920s and 30s architecture along the main streets is beautiful and generally well-preserved.



Suburbs and towns to explore:

• Paddington
• Seaforth
• Sydney CBD

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Elizabeth Bay & Potts Point walk

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Recommended books

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A LIFE OF PURPOSE. A biography of John Sulman by Zeny Edwards
SYDNEY ART DECO by Peter Sheridan
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