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The NSW Masonic Club; Spanish Revival architecture; 1950s textile printing
The News_Winter_2019
The former Institute of Anatomy in Canberra; Ure Smith's Secret Inspiration; Temora and its aviation museum.
A new life for Sydney Water Head Office. Snapshots of Singapore. Sculpture: a fragile presence. Vale David Rozenker-Apted.
A 'colour ensample' in Sydney. Modern textile printing from 1930-1940. Modernism and more in Milano. Inter-war heritage in Taiwan.
Frank Lloyd Wright in Japan. The Paragon Restaurant in Katoomba. Bidura Childrens' Court. World Congress on Art Deco.

Earlier back issues:

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  • 2015 – Winter (pdf)
    Modernism and Christian houses of worship. The NSW town of Kandos. De Havilland’s 1930s wooden aircraft.
  • 2015 – Spring (pdf)
    Children’s playgrounds in Sydney; Modern Textile Printing – 1920 to 1930; Robie House.
  • 2014 – Autumn (pdf)
    Modernist architecture on Sydney’s North Shore; Modern Textile Printing 1910-1920; Art from the skies: Streamlining in aviation.
  • 2014 – Summer (pdf)
    Former Reader’s Digest building in Surry Hills; Modern Textile Printing Part I; Goulburn 2013 report.
  • 2013 – Winter (pdf)
    Heritage architecture in Brisbane; Vivian Chan Shaw – 40 Years; Mudgee Regional Tour; Newcastle snapshots.
  • 2012 – Autumn (pdf)
  • A weekend in Canberra; Architecture and the New Deal in the USA; Art deco in Napier NZ and Rio de Janeiro.
  • 2012 – Spring (pdf)
    St Monica’s War Memorial Cathedral; The Sydney Law Courts; Bondi Beach art deco; Fashion in the 1920s and 30s.


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