RESOURCES: Urban aspects

The Naked and the Dead

Words and pictures by Peter Ogden

The Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery has an incredible history, much more than I can do justice to here so please read the enlightening article in the link below.

While it is, strangely enough, still able to be viewed as a distinctly urban environment, with streets, a roundabout, terraced crypts and road signage, one aspect of its past has intrigued me more than most – a resident of the cemetery was the founder of the first organised Australian nudist movement, with its headquarters located less than a quarter of a mile from his final resting place.

Back in the 1930s, the site of the cemetery and the naturalists’ HQ were chosen for their remote setting, far from the madding crowd. The only prying eyes back then, it would seem, were dead ones…

Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery

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