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Harry Seidler

From an obituary by Roy Lumby:

"The death of Harry Seidler marks the end of an era in architecture here and abroad.
More than any other architect, he introduced European Modernism to this country and for the last fifty years his office has been at the forefront of innovation and the advancement of architectural design in Australia.
His influence as a master of architectural design and as a critic of the local architectural scene will be missed."

Surprisingly, there are significant heritage issues with some of Seidler's buildings, particularly residential ones.

Although may seem difficult to imagine any owner of a Seidler house wanting to knock it down, this has in fact happened in recent times with depressing frequency in both Sydney and Canberra.

Click on images below for a more detailed view of each building.

Rose Seidler House


Harry & Penelope Seidler House


Cove apartments


Australia Square


Blues Point Tower



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Main picture: Australia Square.



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