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This a is non-exhaustive list of architects, artists, and designers whose names or works appear on this website. The list is very much a work in progress, and links to relevant pages will be added n due course.

For the time being, if there is no link given, try locating the person using the search function.

More architecture information can also be found on our Heritage Walks page.

Douglas Annand

Douglas Agnew

Andrew Andersons

John Brindley

Robert Casboulte

Burcham Clamp & Son

Curtin & Cameron

H G Connell

John Crust

Cuthbert Whitley

Terrence Daly

Darryl Jackson Evan Walker

C Bruce Dellit

Edwards, Madigan, Torzillo & Briggs

Clement Glancy

Roy Grounds

Grounds, Romberg & Boyd

Walter Burley Griffin

Neville Gruzman

Edwin Henderson

Hennessy & Hennessy

Rayner Hoff

Bim Hilder

Peter Ireland

John James

Gavin Kickbush

Bruce Mackenzie

Col Madigan

Reginald Magoffin

Malcolm Moir

Stephen Moor

W Hayward Morris

John Smith Murdoch

Eric Nicholls

Harry Seidler

Penelope Seidler

Stuart McIntosh

Emil Sodersten

John Verge

Charles Whitley

Leslie Wilkinson

Ken Wolley

Frank Lloyd Wright

Yuncken Freeman



Main picture: Australia Square Tower.













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