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Architecture - Australia

The Australian Architecture Association has been formed to broaden the promotion of architecture. To enable the public to understand, enjoy and discuss architecture, locally and beyond – leading to a greater understanding of its value. - a State Library of NSW collection comprising over 10,000 detailed architectural plans, elevations, conceptual and presentation drawings; specifications and records. One of the most significant collections in Australia

butter paper - 'greaseproof' architecture resources from Australia and New Zealand. A great site with news, events, and many good links.

Canberra architecture and heritage news at – tells the story of modernist residential architecture in Canberra, Australia's capital, through profiles of significant houses, architectural styles, biographies, and other resources.

Church design is an interesting subject. Once you start looking at churches, you realise that though many are conservative and traditional, others are really quite adventurous. The quality of materials is high, and they also tend to suffer less from renovations and modifications.

Far Distant Shores is a website of travel and art photography, featuring great shots of art deco buildings from Australia and overseas.

RMIT – this guide to contemporary Melbourne architecture features up and coming; and established, contemporary architects.

The Royal Australian Institute of Architects – by promoting better, responsible and environmental design, the Institute actively lobbies to maintain and improve the quality of the nation's built environment.

Sydney Architecture Walks – architect-led city tours for aesthetes, literati, voyeurs, and locals who love familiar terrain from a different viewpoint.

Tom Fletcher's aims to view Sydney as an architectural entity. It has a great collection of recent and historical photos, with notes.

Architecture – Asia

The Asian Art Deco Alliance was founded by The Pangaea Society in 2016. The Alliance was created to stand up against the Eurocentric discourse on Art Deco.

China – Historic Shanghai was founded in 1998 by Tess Johnston, Patrick Cranley & Tina Kanagaratnam with the goal of raising awareness of Shanghai’s built heritage and social and cultural history.

Indonesia – decorative art in Architecture as a part of Bandung history. Bandung is one of the world's lesser-known Art Deco cities.

Taiwan – Heritage on the move. The government has provided funds, and engineers have mastered the art of relocating early and mid–twentieth century buildings in one piece.

Taiwan – Alexander Synaptic runs a blog with excellent photographs of Art Deco and other styles; both restored and in various states of decay. Some of these have a Japanese influence, as the island was part of its empire for 50 years, from 1895 to 1945.

Taiwan – Just a Balcony has some great pictures of old buildings around the island, although the text is in Chinese (Google Translate is your friend here).

Taiwan – Taipei Love Notes focuses on architectural traditions in and around the city.

Taiwan – The Taiwan Scrapbook is a visual guide to local variants of Art Deco, Imperial Crown Style (teikan y?shiki), Modernism and other architectural styles from the early and mid-twentieth century.


Architecture – Africa

Durban – traditionally, it was well known for its conservatism when it came to the erection of public buildings. Yet in the 1930's the city threw off this mantle and embraced Art Deco and other new styles.


Architecture – Europe

UK website dedicated to endangered buildings.

Suggested walks around London.

Art Deco in Dublin – features some great pictures of buildings in Ireland.


Architecture – New Zealand

Napier – A devastating earthquake in 1931 leveled most of the city, which was rebuilt in the then-fashionable Art Deco style.

or main page at:

Architecture – USA

Boston College Digital Archive – a comprehensive online architectural resource specialising in American Architecture from the 17th to 20th centuries.

Great Buildings Online – a database of famous and not-so-famous buildings.

Vitrolite – The use of Vitrolite and other pigmented structural glass reached its heyday in the 1920's and 1930's. This handsome and versatile building material was used primarily for interior and exterior wall surfacing, and featured on many Australian pubs.

John Lautner was one of the twentieth century's most important American architects. An apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, he was part of the first group of Taliesin Fellows. His Elrod House (1968) attained fame in the Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.

Detroit is known for one of the most stunning collections of pre-depression architecture in the world. The past two decades have seen several of these treasures sit vacant, waiting for economic revival.





Ate Up With Motor provides in-depth history and commentary on cars and the people behind them. Primary focus is on older cars, but occasionally talks about newer models if they're interesting enough.

Facel Vega – the now largely forgotten blend of hand-built French style and American V8 muscle. Its highly stylised cabin was cast in the mould of a jet cockpit. Fifties Futuristic, with a deeply dished steering wheel and push-button controls. is 'obsessed with the cult of cars' – there's an emphasis on recent unusual designs and specials, but this entertaining site also covers vintage and historical vehicles.




Clarice Cliff – Bold, bright hand-painted designs and outrageous shapes are the hallmarks of her ceramics. This site is dedicated to her life and works, and contains many pictures of her pottery.



The State Theatre – a 2,000 seat picture palace in the heart of Sydney, which opened in 1929. Built by Stuart F. Doyle and Architect Henry E. White, its highly ornate interior features the world's second-largest chandelier.

The Australian Cinema and Theatre Society

Cinema and Theatre Historical Society of Victoria



Art Deco World – online dealer specialising in original streamline-moderne decorator items and collectables from the 1920's, 30's and 40's. Also has many links and great pics of Sydney's Deco buildings.

Lattimore's Global Art Deco Directory features many antique and Deco links.



Publications and Social Media

Deco-echoes Magazine – specialising in Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, Biomorphic '50s, and Abstract '60s styles and movements

Sydney's Type – a collection of photographs highlighting interesting elements of typography and signage in Sydney, with more being added all the time.

Wallpaper – 'the magazine for urban modernists', covers architecture, design, fashion and interiors, with a skew towards mid-twentieth century Modern.



Ian Evans' World of Old Houses – useful if you're restoring, renovating, remodelling or maintaining an old house or heritage building. Many good links too.

The Historical Aircraft Restoration Society was formed in 1979. Its mission includes locating and restoring aircraft that have played a significant part in Australian aviation history. One of its best known planes is this elegant Lockheed Super Constellation, Connie.



The Cathedral of Learning (1926-1937) – an unusual gothic skyscraper in Pittsburgh.

The Boston College collection of skyscraper pictures and architectural information from various eras.



The Australian National Maritime Museum.
Australia's most-visited maritime museum opens new vistas on the nation's history and love of the sea.

The Sydney Heritage Fleet is dedicated to the preservation of Sydney's maritime heritage. Its flagship is the James Craig – an elegant iron barque whose restoration is now complete after many years of work.

Maritime enthusiast Reuben Goossens remembers the classic liners of yesteryear. His site provides information and updates about many still in regular use as cruise ships around the world.

Many of the world's remaining vintage ocean liners are under threat of destruction.



The New South Wales Rail Transport Museum was formed in 1962 to preserve examples of the state's steam locomotives. Features electric and diesel locos, and great rolling stock too. Based in Thirlmere south of Sydney, about an hour by road or rail.

Streamlining – a metaphor for progress. Streamlined steam locomotives from around the world, with train links and references.



The Powerhouse Museum – in Pyrmont, Sydney, has exhibitions covering science, technology, decorative arts, design and Australian social history. There is also a constantly changing program of temporary exhibitions and events.

Sydney – A guide to its many museums.

London – its public transport system is the oldest in the world, and had a great influence on 20th Century graphic design and typography


Frank Lloyd Wright

To date, one in five Wright buildings has been destroyed – hence the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy.

Built to a mothballed Wright design, Monona Terrace Convention Center opened in July, 1997.


Other heritage societies in Australia and around the world.

See Links page 2.

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