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Brutalist architecture.

With their exposed concrete surfaces, the Sirius Apartments are a good example of brutalist architecture. Reminiscent of a child's stacked toy blocks, the top few floors of the building can be seen driving along the southern approach to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. (At the left, in the background of this photograph, the very tips of the sails of the Sydney Opera House are also visible.)

Brutalism was a style that flourished from the 1950s to the mid-1970s, evolving from the modernist architectural movement. The term is derived from the French béton brut, or 'raw concrete'.

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An impressive office building with chimney-like features, the Oxley Business Centre in Crow's Nest has an almost industrial feel about it.

Both the interior and exterior of UTS Kuring-gai have large areas of carefully considered and beautifully crafted exposed concrete.

Chatswood Civic Centre was a superb building both inside and out. Demolished in 2008, it was a sad loss for those who appreciate the finer points of brutalism.


Macquarie University is a powerful expression of the brutalist style, contrasting dramatically with with surrounding native greenery. A walk around this campus can be very rewarding.


Main picture:
Sirius Apartments on Cumberland St, The Rocks

Photograph by Michael Miller.



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