Brett Patman

Brett Patman founded Lost Collective as a visual and written record of our forgotten built environments. He dwells on how people and places have shaped our communities:

Callan Park Hospital
When it opened in 1878, it was called the Callan Park Hospital for the Insane. Architects were James Barnet and Mortimer Lewis, with grounds designed by botanist Charles Moore.

White Bay Power Station
First becoming operational in 1917, this plant was built to meet the needs of Sydney’s rail and tram network. It was coal-fired, with a total power output of 144.5 MW, and ceased operating in 1983.

Hotel Motel 101
In this series, the photographer visited one hundred and one different roadside accommodations – shooting them in the dead of night, over a period of several weeks.

Former psychiatric hospital
Now abandoned, this facility operated from the late nineteenth century until the early 2000s. It played a pivotal role in developing treatment for the mentally ill in New South Wales.

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