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Hills House, Turramurra, 1960 to 1983.

This was an unusual brief, as the client was a sunworshipper. The site is large, and the brief called for the house to be sited to give maximum privacy to the nude owners. The landscape was therefore moulded and planted, to give maximum privacy to the almost all glass walls of the house. The house is unusual structurally, as the strip footings are used to create dwarf walls to create enclosure and banquettes. The broad roof overhangs give a sense of protection, and enclosure while maintaining the 'internal' feeling of the glass walls. The current owners restored the house to its original design after an interim owner had modified it beyond recognition.

Apart from Hills, other works of Gruzman featured on this site include Chadwick, Lasslett, Montrose, and Darling Point.


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