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Trevor Howells led the walk through CBD south


The Society was very privileged to have the services of Trevor Howells, senior lecturer in Architecture at the University of Sydney, as a Guest Tour Leader for our exploration of the southern precinct of Sydney’s CBD.

Trevor’s knowledge of and enthusiasm for his subject was immediately evident as he took us through Central Railway, discussing the history and the striking features of the construction.

It was a beautiful Sydney day of the kind former Premier Bob Carr used to publicly commend to us, and we soon were striding the streets of lower Sydney, attempting to keep up with Trevor’s slow gallop, so keen was he to show us the fine buildings that grace this quarter and explain the detail behind what we were looking at.

Rawson Place in particular inspired him and I must say I had not previously realised how intact the streetscape from George Street up to Central Station is.

Moving north, we had to steady ourselves as we took in the sort of style that only Harry Seidler can render. Trevor took us down to the old Liverpool Street Law Courts and explained the markings on the wall outside, NOT a centenary celebration but a careful indication that part of the wall is new, not simply a repair of the old, a distinction that might otherwise be lost to the casual observer. He also explained why the building seems to be hiding; originally there was to be a grand vista whereby the court building would dominate the whole block, but alas, as often happens, money got in the way

The formal part of the walk ended with our arrival outside the original Sydney Water Board building, with a thorough explanation of the meaning and history of the magnificent Art Deco entrance and façade. Basically an Ancient Greek poet was chosen to rally the troops and remind the workers of the importance of getting the clean water through…

Following the walk, a good time was had by all feasting on yum cha in local Chinatown. All in all a wonderfully enjoyable and educational day.

John Dymond

A walk booklet containing more detailed information can be obtained from the Society.



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