Australia Day 2006.

January 26th is Australia Day, and each year the NRMA Motorfest is an opportunity for car clubs to display their vehicles
up and down Macquarie St in the city. Plenty of streamlining in evidence.

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P1010031.JPG P1010032.JPG P1010035.JPG
P1010017.JPG P1010037.JPG copy P1010038.JPG
P1010026.JPG P1010007.JPG P1010008.JPG
P1010012.JPG P1010036.JPG P1010029.JPG
P1010027.JPG P1010020.JPG P1010016.JPG
P1010009.JPG P1010010.JPG P1010011.JPG
P1010001.JPG P1010002.JPG P1010003.JPG



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